Schlafzimmerschrank in Ahorn

Schlafzimmerschrank in Ahorn

  • raumhohe Schranklösung
  • individuelle Innenraumgestaltung
  • Oberfläche fein geschliffen und mit biologischem Öl behandelt


My husband and I live in a new apartment building with only one built-in closet in our apartment.  We asked Mr Henschel to make us a wardrobe for our bedroom.  I’m a professional singer with many full-length dresses, so I needed a section for hanging them, then sections for our sweaters, pants as well as my husband’s office shirts and suits.  Mr Henschel brought over wood samples the first time we met and measured the space.  We ended up choosing a light beech wood to match our off-white floors and walls…  

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The wardrobe would cover an entire wall of our bedroom and have 3 sets of double doors, so 6 doors in total, with the middle two having full-length mirrors as well.  Mr Henschel did not disappoint.  He was timely and professional, putting the wardrobe together in our home and meticulously cleaning everything up afterwards. He even discovered a slight flaw in the southeast corner wall of our bedroom which bent slightly inwards at the top.  He was prepared for this irregularity.  He sawed the edges down with equipment he had brought with him and fit the wardrobe into our wall perfectly.  Finally, our clothes, belts and dress shoes are organized and orderly with custom-made furniture which a regular furniture store would have never been able to provide. Thank you, Mr Henschel! 

Familie Nalbantian / Scherer, Tübingen

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